Amy Hunter Drago ~ Artist

 For Heart and Mind

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Abstractions & Perceptions of the Divine in Nature



My work is about the relationship between God and nature and expressing this in an abstract manner in my own vision. I yearn to paint the beauty of nature and the universe and how our Creator loves His creation and creation loves the Creator. I found myself drawn to mountains especially, not just because I lived in Sedona, AZ for many years but because mountains are a beautiful creation God has blessed us with and they all have their each individuality and spirit. The strength of mountains is palpable and brings great inspiration. Like all of nature mountains wear their beauty in every season, showing off God’s artistic imagination.  I intend to express this in my art and I hope my pieces will bring you the serenity that God’s creation so simply shares. Creation exudes love and beauty and sings its own song in praise and honor to God. I thank you for joining me in this expression of love and this communication through art!